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About Banbury Pest Wise Pest Control

We are qualified pest controllers ready to help you get rid of those common pests. Whether you are a commercial business or a private residence, we can help you. We have 17 years experience in the pest control industry. Get in touch to discuss your pest control needs today. We are members of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) and National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA).

Banbury Pest Wise Pest Control are a professional pest control company based in Banbury Oxfordshire. We cover up to a 30 mile radius of Banbury. Whatever your pest problem we have the solution. If you want to get rid of wasps, rodents, birds and all flying or crawling insects. We can help!

Let us introduce Lee Ross the owner of Banbury Pest Wise Pest Control who can treat your property in Oxfordshire & Northamptonshire against a wide range of pesky vermin. He is a professionally trained technician who holds all relevant qualifications, certificates and insurance to provide pest control services with guaranteed results. He previously worked for Rentokil & holds an advanced DBS checked certification for your peace of mind. From small flats to stately home, commercial, industrial & small businesses Lee has worked in all these areas. Whenever your vermin situation requires an expedient response we are here for you with a swift solution to rid you of your pest problem. We offer super competitive prices in in comparison to national companies. 

Lee is your local pest control technician he is experienced in applying a number of advanced rodent control, insect control and bird removal methods and products in compliance with all industry-set safety procedures and COSHH standards. At the end of the service, you can also seek his specialised pest prevention advice.

The first stage of our service involves a thorough check-up of the areas where the vermin are most active, breed or seek shelter. The evidence of the intruders’ activity is carefully assessed, in order to determine the scope of the infestation. Only then, will Lee be able to decide on the best and most 
effective treatment method and product. You want a solution & fast results we work with you to eradicate your pest problem 
Lee Ross has years of experience in the prevention, detection, control & removal of many domestic and commercial pests. We can help create the safe, pest free environment that all homes and businesses hope for. If your “pest” is not on the list then please contact us as we may just have the solution to that problem to


• Wasps – Safe Removal of Wasps 
• Bees – We can organise relocation 
• Ants – Treatment of ants
• Fleas
• Cockroaches 
• Moth treatments
• Varied carpet beetle
•Store product insects

Rodents and Wildlife

• Rats – Rat Detection and prevention 
• Squirrels – Control of Squirrels
• Mice – Mouse detection and prevention 
• Rabbits
• Deer management & advice
• Moles

Wasp nest removal treatments are available from 8am until 10pm, 7 days a week and come with a 100% guarantee. The fixed cost is less than a treatment from most local authorities and less than half of the price of a wasp removal treatment from Rentokil.
Rats & Rodents

We offer a range of different services for controlling rats, depending on your situation. Whether you need rats removed or eradicated, or are looking for preventative measures such as getting a one way non return valve or rat blocker in your drain, we are experienced and qualified to deal with all kinds of rat related scenarios


People contact us asking how to get rid of mice as they are a common pest. House mice thrive in varied conditions, and it seems as if they are found in almost every part of the UK, most residents have at one time or another sought professional mouse pest control services to get rid of a mice infestation in their house or commercial premises

Because of the nature of most homes, where we cram things into one place and they stay unmoved for a long time, mice find a ready hiding and breeding ground in diverse places. To assess how to best get rid of house mice our pest control technician knows where to detect mouse activity then takes the steps for the best solution for mouse removal & treatments  

House mice will hide in many places, such as under the fridge, behind the bath panels, cupboards and so on, anywhere that seems secluded and out of reach. They will then venture out of their hiding places for food and water. It is easy to know when you have been infested by house mice, with the main pointer being damage to the property. However, if you notice bits of food or cereal that seem to have been nibbled on, it is a sure sign you have mice. If you have never had mice before, it can be hard for you to know how to get rid of them because their presence can be elusive. Should you suspect their presence, you should contact mouse pest control professionals for diagnosis, extermination and follow up as soon as possible, before their numbers grow

Cockroaches With over different species of cockroaches in the uk the two main types are the German cockroach, Oriental cockroach. As with most insects, cockroaches are attracted to what keeps them alive, which is food, warmth and shelter. So, to start an effective treatment we must remove what sustains them. 

The first plan of action is to remove food debris. Store dry foods in sealed containers and empty your rubbish bin daily. Keep shelves and storage areas clean and dry and remove all forms of clutter where possible. Bag & bin food waste properly keep your outside bins clean & ensure the lids are on.
Block entry locations to your property, particularly under sinks where there may be gaps near drain pipes. Seal areas such as cracks in skirting boards, walls and around electrical sockets to eliminate hiding areas.
Adult fleas live as parasites on warm-blooded mammals such as cats, dogs and sometimes humans. Although fleas are identified specifically as cat, dog or human fleas, these creatures are by no means found exclusively on their chosen hosts. The treatment of fleas is a simple process that involves the use of a combination of insecticide formulations.
The main species of Ant that cause problems in the UK is the Garden Ant. Garden ants will swarm in mid to late summer in an infestation is left untreated. Control of Garden Ants is a simple process, it will take less than an hour to perform the treatment.

• Clear pricing; no hidden extras
• Specialist pest controller
• Quick response time throughout Oxfordshire & Northamptonshire 
• Fully trained accredited for peace of mind
• Knowledge and advice you can trust
• Emergency service 7 days a week

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